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bloodtiesart's Journal

A place for artists who love the show Blood Ties
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Welcome to Blood Ties Art!

This is the place for all fans and artists who love the show Blood Ties.

Here you can post your pics, manips, icons, banners, etc. related to Blood Ties.

Pic requests are allowed and several challenges will take place.

Please read the rules before posting! :)


General Rules:

* Please leave feedback for artists. They will appreciate it! :)

* If you suspect that the work you see here does not belong to who it is credited, then please contact the moderator. Any stealing of someone elses artwork will not be tolerated!

Posting Rules:

* Be friendly folks! Rudeness will not be tolerated and such users will be banned.

* All work posted must be your own. If there is an instance that your post contains someone elses work, it must be credited accordingly and permission must have been gained from the owner. This is how it workds! ;)

* Pimping communities is not allowed unless permission is given from the mod. If you want to become affilate please contact me - affilates are fun! :D

* Please post big artwork behind a cut.

* Artwork must be posted with the pairing/main person, type of artwork (icon, story banner, wp, etc.) and rating.
Any warnings of explicit or offensive content must also be clearly marked.

* All posts should be marked WORKSAFE or NOT WORKSAFE.

* NOT WORKSAFE art should be Flocked!

* No child porn of any kind is allowed. It is severely frowned upon and will be classed as offensive material which will result in an instant ban.

* Hot-linking is not our friend. None of that please!

* I ask kindly that you follow these rules to ensure that all the members stay safe and have fun! Thank you.

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